iTIPS Food Safety

Know how to keep your food products safe.

1. Watch the Animation

Learn the basic concepts of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Food safety applies to everyone – from small commercial kitchens to large food processing facilities! These practices ensure your food product is both high-quality and safe for consumers.

2. Play the Interactive

This interactive module will guide you through a food processing facility that uses food safety best practices. See how to apply your learning in each part of the facility.

  • Breakroom
  • Food Processing floor
  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Facilities & Grounds

Interact with workers in the rooms to learn the best practices and be challenged by a quiz!


Get more in-depth training in our official online food safety course from New Mexico State University. Completing this course will set you on a path for implementing best practices in your own food processing facility, ensuring a high-quality and safe product for your customers.

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